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15 Job Openings at EATL GROUP (Tours & Safaris), June 2023

15 Job Openings at EATL GROUP (Tours & Safaris), June 2023

EATL GROUP (Tours & Safaris) Jobs 2023


EATL GROUP-TANZANIA, a tour operator based in Arusha is seeking Travel Operations Assistants to join our travel operations team.

Position: Travel Operations Assistant (15 Posts) 

Duty station: This position is full-time and based in the EATL HQ in Arusha, Tanzania

Date of advertisement: 25th May 2023

Job Summary

Travel Operations Assistant will support and participate in all key aspects of travel operations and, as necessary, assist in the office. This will be achieved by understanding client needs to help plan and deliver unique itinerary packages or activity offerings that enable them to experience a taste of local life-our core business at EATL GROUP-TANZANIA. 

In this role,you will work closely with itinerary designers and other team members to manage the logistical and operational needs of itinerary design and service delivery.

Key Areas of Responsibilities

  • Bookings
  • Travel Itineraries
  • Customer Service
  • Reservations
  • Travel Coordination

What You’ll Do (As a Travel Operations Assistant at EATL)

  • Working with the travel operations team to manage the logistical and operational needs of itinerary design and customer service delivery.
  • Responsible for implementing all things relating to travel operations,from itinerary design to bookings management, preparing a budget for the tours, making reservations, travel coordination, and customer service.
  • Collect all-important information required to design competitive travel itineraries. This includes: corresponding to client inquiries, handling telephone and/or emails with clients, hotels, and other travel suppliers, finding the best rates,and managing client inquiries or requests.
  • Creating and editing detailed travel itineraries that are high in demand and profitable. This includes maintaining a portfolio of products and services for clients to choose from.
  • Making and confirming reservations and services.
  • Coordinate delivery of travel services by acting as clients’ travel agent, and ensuring each client secures whatever services they need.
  • Establish and maintain strong relationships with tour guides, hotels,travel partners, transportation, and other suppliers.
  • Comply with legal requirements and EATL’s hospitality codes in all functions relating to tour operations and travel.
  • Work closely with sales and marketing teams to qualify leads, maximize bookings, and ensure that we fulfill the promise we made to our clients.
  • Liaise with local partners and international representatives based in Europe to customize itineraries and delivery of services that allow clients to experience a taste of local life. Our brand promise.
  • Any other job-related functions as assigned by the Operations Manager and other senior executive officers.
  • Expand your knowledge of tour operations and the culture of EATL GROUP to grow into a full travel specialist or other executive roles.

Qualifications and Preferred Requirements

  • A passion for itinerary designing and a keen desire to grow professionally and become a travel specialist in a fast-paced, competitive environment.
  • Full-time professional experience especially is preferred.
  • Relevant training in any field related to travel and tour operations (Bachelor’s degree is not necessary, but it can be an added advantage)
  • Ability to understand travel logistics, handle details, and deliver excellent customer service in line with our hospitality guidelines
  • Ability to handle multiple tasks at once, while remaining flexible to clients’ changing needs/wishes/interests/priorities
  • Strong organizational and communication skills (oral and written)
  • A demonstrated teamwork spirit with a collaborative, positive attitude
  • Being proficient in Microsoft Office (Word,Excel,PowerPoint), the internet, WhatsApp,and other technical skills required to get the job done. Modern communications such as Zoom and Google Meetings are preferred.

Added Advantages (but not necessary)

  • Proficient in other international languages apart from English
  • Driving skills (especially manual) and possession of a valid driver’s license

About EATL

EATL is a fully registered and TALA-licensed tour operator, offering unique travel itineraries and cultural experiences. We are a small team, but highly entrepreneurial, creative, and one of the fastest-growing tour operations in Tanzania. As our name suggests, 
EATL is shortened form of “Experience A Taste of Local Life.” This means we are the market leader in delivering the most authentic local experiences, and we are inviting dynamic, like-minded individuals to join our mission.

Why You Should Join EATL GROUP

  • We are registered,licensed, and professional travel specialists.
  • Our team consists of partners and representatives in both Tanzania and Europe. This means you will work in a diverse cultural environment that values (and rewards) innovative ideas and teamwork.
  • We are probably the happiest tour operators in the industry. We believe that the happiest employees help travelers create the most memorable moments. That’s why we are building a corporate culture that allows every member to thrive and enjoy every aspect of our mission. Because happiness is what we sell.
  • We are committed to helping our team members grow personally and professionally through in-house training and empowerment programs. Our senior members are some of the greatest minds in travel, tourism, sales, and marketing spaces.Come to learn, work, and grow with us.
  • We care about our team members and colleagues as much as we care about our clients.At EATL GROUP, we believe that unique experiences begin inside our company. And that’s when you (and other members) come in.
  • We are more than just a tour operator. EATL GROUP is a businesson a mission of delivering travel itineraries that make the world a better place for everyone.We believe that the work we are doing makes a HUGE impact. Join us.

EATL GROUP is an equal-opportunity employer
This means we affirmatively prohibit favoritism, harassment, and discrimination of any kind. Our policy of equal opportunity for everyone and anti-discrimination guarantees equal treatment to all applicants. So, if you think this job is suitable for you (and you are excited to join a dynamic team of travel specialists), we encourage you to apply.

Mode of Application

When applying, interested candidates for this position must include an application letter, Curriculum Vitae with 3 reputable referees. Don’t attach Academic Certificates at this stage. 
All applications should be addressed to and sent to the Operations Manager by email via
Only shortlisted candidates will be contacted.
EATL-GROUP TANZANIA is an equal employer.
P.O.Box 10493
Klub Afriko-Ereto Street
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