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4 Job Vacancies at EpicBR Company, May 2023

4 Job Vacancies at EpicBR Company, May 2023

Sales Manager -Insurance

Job Overview
Date Posted: Posted on 22nd May 2023
Location: Dar es Salaam
Job Title: Sales Manager -Insurance

Job purpose

Responsible for achieving sustainable sales growth and overall business performance through well-developed and executed sales strategies and effective engagement of other collaborators including sales team and other internal departments


  • Develop and present sales and marketing strategies and annual and tactical plans for senior leadership buy-in and approval, this includes setting departmental and individual goals and key initiatives
  • Supervise and coordinate the sales team and execution of day-to-day sales activities and processes
  • Prepare, present, promote, and sell insurance products/services to new and existing customers
  • Monitors and keeps up-to-date with insurance industry developments, including competitive landscape for onward strategic response
  • Champion customer service excellence with internal departments
  • Expedite the resolution of customer problems and complaints to maximize satisfaction
  • Establish, develop and maintain positive business and customer relationships with all key stakeholders
  • Analyze the territory/market’s potential, track sales progress against set targets
  • Compiles and shares work reports explaining customer needs, problems, interests, competitive activities, and potential for new products and services

Key requirements

  • Bachelor degree in insurance/risk management, or equivalent
  • Possession of any insurance certification is an added advantage
  • 6+ years of work experience and understanding of insurance industry
  • Strong understanding of insurance policies, products and services
  • Strong sales and marketing ability
  • Commercially savvy
  • Effective management and leadership skills


Branch Supervisors-Retail Stores 

Job Overview
Date Posted: Posted on 21st May 2023
Location: Mwanza, Arusha, Dar es Salaam
Job Title: Branch Supervisors-Retail Stores

Job Purpose

Provides supervision, oversight, and management of the retail branch for furniture and electronic home appliances, ensures sustainable sales growth, excellent customer service, and effective inventory controls. Coordinates branch teams including stores, customer service, field sales, and accounts ensuring core activities are properly executed within company policy guideline

Main Responsibilities

  • Drives sales performance of the store, (furniture and home electronic appliances) by taking various initiatives including improved customers service, inventory controls, promotions etc
  • Builds and maintains excellent client relationships to ensure repeat and continued business relationship
  • Liaise with the Debtors and Creditors to ensure that the credit period for specific Accounts with a credit period extended to them is adhered to and that debt collection or payment is done within that specific period
  • Prompt resolution of customer complaints to ensure continued improvement in the customer experience
  • Tracks all sales orders and related correspondence to ensure timely delivery and customer satisfaction
  • Appraises management with stores operations reports within required format, with accuracy and timeliness with completeness of content
  • Supports marketing and promotions campaigns, ensuring timely dissemination of information to existing and potential customers
  • Carries out administrative duties  such as data input, processing information, completing paperwork and filing documents as it may be required from time to time
  • Prepared monthly sales forecast and targets product wise and forecasts stocks requirements in advance to enable smooth operation and target achievement
  • Perform any other duty along these broad lines

Key Requirements 

  • Diploma/Degree in Business Administration or equivalent
  • 6years experience in retail store operations at supervisory or management level with at least 3 years
  • Reliable and trustworthy
  • Retail Stores sales and customer service experience especially in furniture and home electronic appliances
  • Sound decision-making skills
  • Budget management and projections.
  • Customer service and client relationships management
  • Inventory control


Channel Manager (Digital Lending)

Job Overview
Date Posted: Posted on 21st May 2023
Location: Dar es Salaam
Job Title: Channel Manager (Digital Lending)

Job Purpose

Drives sustainable business performance through effective collaboration with Company’s fintech and payment solution partners, to enable and ensure excellent product delivery and access  to target markets


  • Identifies and engages partners in financial technology and payment services, optimizing existing payment and settlement channels
  • Builds and maintains relationships with payment service providers within the financial technology industry to ensure that service providers attend and resolve payment issues/delays for the company as priority, improve payment conversion rates, and reduce channel fees
  • Identify and define internal and external needs, articulating value proposition for the management consideration, differentiating competition and positioning in the target market
  • Planning and overseeing new business development initiatives
  • Researching organizations and individuals to find new partnership opportunities
  • Attending conferences, meetings, and industry events related FinTech
  • Conduct research to identify new market opportunities and customer needs
  • Maintain an expert level of understanding of fintech platforms and solutions so as to provide knowledgeable support to Management and potential partners both externally and internally

Key Requirements

  • 4 years work experience in similar roles especially within financial technology and payment solutions
  • Ability to establish and maintain strong relationship with key stakeholders
  • Commercially savvy
  • Excellent selling, marketing and business development skills
  • Excellent interpersonal and communication skills
  • Degree/Diploma in business, engineering or any other relevant



Job Overview
Date Posted: Posted on 21st May 2023
Location: Mbeya, Iringa, Arusha
Job Title: Agronomist

Job Summary

The Agronomist oversees the farm estate responsible for daily planning, organization, supervision and administration of the farm development activities including land preparation, seedling, planting, weeding, harvesting, storage, processing and other activities within the value chain

Main Responsibilities

  • Prepares, recommends and implement agreed farm estate development plans with a main focus on initial farm establishment activities
  • Monitors and implements all agronomic practices including interpretation of soil analysis reports to determine land use, acreage allocation, seed selection, crops production, and farm inputs to maximize yield
  • Supervises workers and coordinates farm activities including managing product quality and reinforcement of safety measures
  • Works with out-growers or independent farmers to entrench best practices in crops growing and management thereof as part of the strategy to create sustainable supply and quality management
  • Monitor all agronomic practices from land preparation, production, application of fertilizers, crop protection, proper spacing etc
  • Supervises farm equipment utilisation, implements and other properties, ensuring proper maintenance and service to increase reliability and efficiency
  • Records information including production, farm management practices, and parent stock, and prepares financial and operational reports
  • Determines procedural changes in processing, grading, storage, and shipment for greater efficiency and accuracy
  • Determines farm inputs and other requirements, plans and coordinates purchases of such needed supplies including fuel, seed, fertilizers, chemicals, protective gears, etc
  • Estimates farm staffing needs, coordinate hiring, induction and reinforcement of policies, rules and regulations of the farm operations
  • Prepares various reports for all agricultural activities in the farm for management information and reference
  • Acts as a project and site manager in the initial phase of the estate establishment


  • Agricultural degree
  • 4 to 5 years’ agricultural experience as an agronomist or related roles
  • Long term crop production management
  • Farm estate management and practices
  • Farm projects management
  • Agricultural science and technology
  • Problem solving
  • Effective communication
  • Excellent report writing and presentation
  • Excellent leadership and management skills
  • Passionate agriculturalist, loves working in a farm
  • Flexible/adaptable
  • Upholds high level of integrity
  • Energetic
  • Personable
  • Visionary
  • Persistent and committed


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