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Ajira za Tamisemi | Majina ya Waliopata Kazi Afya na Ualimu

Ajira za Tamisemi | Majina ya Waliopata Kazi Afya na Ualimu

JAMHURI YA MUUNGANO WA TANZANIA – List of Successful Applicants for Health and Education Employment Placements, June 2023 | pdf ya majina|  majina ya ualimu na afya|waliopata kazi | waliochaguliwa Tamisemi ajira|


The Jamhuri ya Muungano wa Tanzania (United Republic of Tanzania), under the Ofisi ya Rais – Tamisemi (Office of the President – Regional Administration and Local Government), has released the eagerly awaited list of successful applicants for employment placements in the health and education sectors. This article provides a comprehensive overview of the information contained in the list, including the applicants’ names, their respective professions, assigned regions and local government authorities, as well as the specific workstations allocated to them.

Implications for the Health and Education Sectors:

With the successful applicants now assigned to their respective workstations, Tanzania’s health and education sectors can anticipate an influx of qualified professionals. This will significantly contribute to the improvement of these essential services in various regions, as the newly employed individuals bring fresh perspectives, knowledge, and skills to their roles. The allocation of personnel according to specific local government authorities and workstations ensures that the needs of each region are adequately addressed.

List of Applicants:

The list comprises individuals who applied for employment in the health and education fields. It includes essential details such as the applicants’ names, their professional designations, the regions in which they have been assigned, the respective local government authorities they will be working under, the specific workstations they have been allocated, their application numbers, and the year they completed their studies.

Downloading the PDF:

To access the complete list of successful applicants, interested individuals are required to download the PDF document containing the names. The PDF is conveniently linked to this blog post, enabling applicants to easily find and review their names.

Importance of the List:

The release of this list is a significant milestone for both the applicants and the Tanzanian government. It provides transparency and ensures fairness in the employment process, allowing successful candidates to plan their future endeavors and prepare for their new roles. Moreover, the list facilitates the efficient allocation of skilled professionals across different regions, ultimately enhancing the delivery of healthcare and education services to the Tanzanian population.



The release of the list of successful applicants for employment placements in the health and education sectors in Tanzania marks a pivotal moment for both the individuals who applied and the country’s healthcare and education systems. The comprehensive information provided in the list enables successful candidates to prepare for their new roles, while also ensuring a fair and transparent allocation of resources across different regions. By bridging the gap between qualified professionals and the areas in need, Tanzania takes a significant step towards improving the quality of healthcare and education services provided to its citizens.

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