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A Digitalization Intern is responsible for organizing and managing hard copy files to digital files and documents within an organization. Ensuring efficient and accurate record keeping, retrieval, and storage of electronic information. The primary objective of a Digital Filing intern is to establish and maintain a wellorganized digital filing system that promotes easy access, and compliance of Finance files, HR files, and Operation files.


  • File Organization: Create and implement a structured digital filing system to store and categorize electronic files and documents. This involves designing a logical folder hierarchy and naming conventions for easy retrieval and efficient storage
  • Document Indexing: Assign appropriate metadata and tags to digital files to facilitate quick and accurate searches. This includes capturing relevant information such as document type, date, and keywords to enable efficient retrieval.
  • Data migration from physical documents to digital formats or converting files into appropriate electronic formats.
  • Quality Control: Ensure the accuracy, completeness, and consistency of digital files and data. Perform regular audits to identify and resolve any inconsistencies or errors in the filing system.
  • Sorting all files according to content, dates, significance, etc.
  • Scanning and uploading files to SharePoint.
  • Develop an efficient filing system to make updating and retrieving files easier for SharePoint.
  • Follow confidentiality dictations to safeguard data and information.
  • Develop the document management plan and update it, as needed.
  • Labelling and updating paper files.

Required Qualifications

  • Diploma/Degree in records management.

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