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Job Vacancies at Sunda International, June 2023

Job Vacancies at Sunda International, June 2023

Warehouse Supervisor

SUNDA INTERNATIONAL Dar es Salaam, Tanzania

Warehouse Supervisor at Sunda International Tanzania June, 2023

Job Description

1. Receiving the goods

2. Arrangement of incoming stock & labour

3. Time, Team & space management

4. Should be quickly learner

5. Good understanding and speaking English language.


1. Bachelor degree;
2. Four years of factory work experience.

Sales Specialist 1

SUNDA INTERNATIONAL Dar es Salaam, Tanzania
Sales Specialist at Sunda International Tanzania June, 2023

Job Description

1. Survey, analysis, and develop new customers to increase sales

2. Follow and serve customers to maintain and increase sales

3. Visiting Customers’ shops every day according to route plan designed

4. Collecting orders and assisting customer’ sales

5. Making follow up on Customer’ achievement, order, complains and suggestions

6. Checking on products’ display in the market

7. Having updates on competitor’s side and present if there is any issues

8. Writing weekly report and present market issues in the meeting ( sales supervisors and managers)

9. Sign customers’ contracts on the behalf of company


1. Bachelor degree;
2.1-2 years of work experience,
3. Prefer have sales experience;
4. Ability to speak English;
5. Prefer male ;
6.Around 30 years old

Sales Specialist 2

SUNDA INTERNATIONAL Dar es Salaam, Tanzania
Sales Specialist2 at Sunda International Tanzania June, 2023

Job Description:

1. Responsible for big glass market channel development and sales work, the implementation and completion of the company’s annual sales plan.

2. According to the marketing strategy of the company, increase sales value, expand the sales of products in the responsible region, actively achieve the sales quota, and expand the market share of products.

3. Maintain good communication with customers and grasp customer needs in real time. Provide active, enthusiastic, satisfied and considerate service to customers

4. Dynamic control of market prices, regularly provide the company with market analysis and forecast reports and personal weekly reports.

5. Maintain and develop new sales channels and new customers, develop and expand upstream and downstream users, especially end users.

6. Collect front-line marketing information and user comments, and provide reference opinions for big glass marketing strategy, after-sales service.

7. Complete the temporary task assigned by manger.

1: At least 3 years working experience in sales industry (working experience in large sales company is preferred ,especial worked in big glass company or Mabati company is better)
2: Excellent English listening ,speaking ,reading and writing skills.
3: Good team work ability and good communication ability.
4: No criminal record and have very good credit.
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