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Latest Job Opportunity at Tindwa Medical and Health Services (TMHS)

Latest Job Opportunity at Tindwa Medical and Health Services (TMHS)
Tindwa Medical and Health Services

Tindwa Medical and Health Services founded by Dr. Chakou Halfani as Tanzania Healthcare Promoters Consortium in order to focus on prevention and public awareness for emergency medical conditions as well as occupational health and safety diseases in Tanzania.The same year it was transformed into sole proprietorship as Tindwa Medical and Health Services (TMHS) with business mission to provide best quality emergency care as well as occupational health and safety services in East Africa.
Currently, it is looking for a position below…

Safety and Quality Assurance Manager Job Vacancy at Tindwa medical & Health Services 

Safety and Quality Assurance Manager at TMHS June, 2023
Job Title: Safety and Quality Assurance Manager
TMHS — Tindwa Medical and Health Services
Department: Safety and Quality
Reports to: Managing Director

Job Summary:
Safety and Quality Assurance Manager shall support the OHS and Quality Assurance in all TMHS and Customers Services and be responsible for devising and establishing Safety and quality procedures, standards and specifications. She/he shall promote Safety and Quality Improvement in all the process & procedures of the TMHS and Customers and share reports as required.

• Oversee, monitor, evaluate, control and carries out frequent inspection and testing of company OHS equipment and systems to ensure they operate efficiently and effectively.
• Timely diagnose and solve any customer complain, or operating system/equipment malfunction/ breakdown within 24 hours’ failure to that shall be communicated to Managing Director for further actions.
• Develop and update guidelines, manuals, forms and checklists to be used by the company for tender processes and execution of OHS consultancy works.
• Identify, attain, updates and maintain necessary certifications and accreditations required for the company to conduct OHS consultancies works
• Identify, rob and liaise with companies/institutions/firms/organizations that need OHS consultancy services so that company achieve working contract with them.
• Plan, organize, coordinate and supervise all OHS consultancy works to ensure they follow SOPs, legal requirements and achieve customer satisfaction.
• Set clearly departmental strategic and development plan, and ensure resources are mobilized and used effectively to achieve the plan set.
• Attend short courses and other professional development programs in order to attain up-to-date skills, accreditations and knowledge so that to execute all scope of work within department at highest international standard comfortably.
• Do thorough competitor and customer survey/analysis, eventually develop user friendly and cost effective OHS packages so that the company become the best OHS services provider in the Tanzania
Periodical assessment of TMHS facilities, TMHS industries, TMHS plants and all TMHS services which includes ambulance services, air rescue services on quality check list and arrive at a score for the services;
• Prepare quality trending reports which explains status of the quality levels of staff, systems in all TMHS activities.
Manage and make sure ISO standards are implemented and observed on Company daily activities
• Submit monthly and annually progress reports to senior management or as directed from time to time.

Minimal qualification

  • Bachelor Degree of Science in Environmental Sciences and Management, and Safety & Quality Assurance.


  • Health, Safety, Regulations, Training, Education, Risk Assessment, Analysis, Auditing, Inspection, Communication, Corporate Responsibility.

TMHS — Tindwa Medical and Health Services
Deadline: 20th June 2023.
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