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Salary Slip Portal Tanzania 2022/2023

There have been a bunch of questions; among them includes: –

Uses of Salary Slip Portal system. Functions of Salary
Slip Portal 2022 Tanzania. Tricks to get a Salary Slip, My Salary Slip. Kupata
Salary Slip Online. How can I get my Salary Slip Online in Tanzania? Can we get
Salary slip Online?


How to get your salary slip statement? This has
been a common question among employees. It is important to know what has been
used up before getting your salary. It may include governmental taxes,
insurances, and other issues. As the deduction is done on the spot after the
salary is released. So, the employees sometime can’t know what happened in
their salaries.


The government has decided to come up with a solution to this. They created a system to download salary slips. The system works fully online. The employees have to register themselves into the system
to use it. In this article we will give full information on how to register
int the system.


It’s very important to know how you can get your
salary slips. This is due to its importance. Many loan companies need salary
slips to verify your eligibility. Also knowing how your salary disbursement is
done is important too. Therefore, knowing how can I get salary slip online? It is a good way to solve all these.


First of aal you have to prepare your salary
data well. What are the requirements for easy and soft registration into the onlinesalary slip portal? And how to register into an online salary slip portal within
five minutes. This article will guide you well.



Salary Slip Portal Registration Requirements.

As I said earlier, the process of
registration is quite simple. What is important is that all of the requirements
should be prepared before starting the process. The data required for you to
register into salary slip porta la are as follows.


1.Check number; this is the number in your salary receipt. Once
you have been employed by the government this number is provided. The number
verifies your payments from the government as their employee. Sometimes check
number delays up to three weeks or more after employment. Make sure to keep our check number safe, it is the username later on for login into salary slip

2.Your names; here you will fill your three names. The first name, middle one
and the surname. Your name should match with those registered in the LAWSON
system. Also, your bank details should bear those names.


3.Date of birth; here, as the system indicates, the data you
provide should match everywhere. Therefore, make sure to fill in the correct data.


4.Vote; do you know what vote is?
How to get a vote in salary slip? Vote is always a number with some letters (for
example 88Z2). If you don’t know, what is it, please contact your Human
Resource officer in your district.


5.Subvote; these are numbers assigned to each employee. They stand as
identification for payee when combined with other data. There is no
professional format, they are just numbers. How to know a Sub vote number for
salary slip? Is Sub vote in salary slip portal important? The way to know is
through contacting your HR. The Sub vote is important since it is a field with
stars. The format is 5007.


6.Account your bank account; this is not a new term to many. The bank
account number that is registered in the system should be used. This will
enable you to download a salary slip with your correct details.


7.Salary Scale; What is salary scale? How can I know my salary scale? Every employee has a salary scale. It is the
level to which he/she is paid by the employer. There are different salary
scales depending on the time duration and nature of jobs. Salary scales are
written as TGTS, TGS etc.


8.Salary Grade; how to find salary grade? This is termed depending on the
duration at employment. Also, the level of education of the employee determines
the scale grade. The salary grade ascends as the level of education increases. Salary
grade filling adds letters like B, C, D, E, etc. after salary scale. But in this
case, you will fill only salary grade in its box and scale in the above box.


9.Salary Step; in this you will fill 1,2,3. Depending on which time you have been
employed this varies. The longer you work the higher the step. Contact your district
HR officer for clarification.


After filling in the above data, you are almost
there. The next last step is to add your contact information and password to your account. In this step the following contact information is needed.


●Phone number; it is recommended to fill the active number. Also, should be that
which you have connected it with payment details to your employer. This will make it easy for you to get any important information.


●email address; backing to the point that your data should
match. The email you registered with in salary payments should be used. It’s important because it will smooth the registration process. Also, your email will be used in emergency cases like password resetting.


●Password; how to create strong password? This is a question for some of us. Since
your account will contain some private information. The password used should also be strong to protect your data. Your password should contain letters, numbers
and special cases such as (@*!$,.). Also, in your letters you may mix lower
cases and upper cases.


After all the information above. The process is done
now. Your account is ready to serve you with all your salary slips. How to
login into a salary slip account? Your username and password should be remembered.
The username is your check number and the password that you created
during registration.


How To get an online salary slip?

Here are the quick links to enable you to get
your online salary slip document.

How to login into salary slip portal?

How to register into salary slip

How to get a salary slip for a
particular month? GET YOUR SALARY SLIP HERE

●How to reset a forgotten password? RESET PASSWORD HERE


Thank you for reading this blog. If you have
any concerns, please reach us through our contact us page. And you can also
comment below this post.

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