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TAMISEMI: Updated Instructions on Reporting to Work | MAELEKEZO ya Kuripoti Kazini

TAMISEMI: Instructions on Reporting to Work | MAELEKEZO ya Kuripoti Kazini

Job Placement Announcement for Teaching and Healthcare Positions

Read the latest update from the Office of the President, Regional Administration, and Local Government regarding the job placement for teaching and healthcare positions. Find out the instructions for successful applicants and the necessary documents to be submitted.


The Office of the President, Regional Administration, and Local Government is pleased to announce the completion of the application analysis for teaching and healthcare job positions. Applicants who met the criteria have been assigned placements in various hospitals, health centers, dispensaries, primary schools, and secondary schools across different districts in the country. In this blog post, we will provide important information and instructions for successful applicants.

Instructions for Successful Applicants:

If you have been selected and assigned a workplace, it is crucial to follow the instructions provided to ensure a smooth transition into your new position. Here are the guidelines to be followed:

1. Reporting to Assigned Workplaces:

Within 14 days from the date of this announcement, all successful applicants are required to report to the assigned workplaces in their respective districts. Failure to report within the given timeframe will result in the position being filled by other qualified applicants as soon as possible.

2. Submission of Original Certificates:

Before receiving the official employment letters, all successful applicants must submit their original certificates for verification by the employers (Directors of the assigned Local Government Authorities). The following certificates must be presented:

   i. Birth Certificate

   ii. National Identification Card or National Identification Number (NIDA)

   iii. Certificate of Completion for O-Level and/or A-Level education

   iv. Degree, Diploma, and Certificate certificates from Government-recognized institutions

   v. Registration Certificate from relevant Professional Boards in the healthcare sector

   vi. Confirmation of completion of Internship Training for the relevant profession

3. Accreditation Certificates for Applicants Educated Abroad:

Applicants who have obtained employment in their respective professions after studying abroad must submit accreditation certificates from NECTA (National Examination Council of Tanzania), NACTEVET (National Council for Technical Education), or TCU (Tanzania Commission for Universities).

4. Verification of Certificates by Local Government Directors:

Local Government Directors are responsible for receiving and forwarding the certificates to the Examination Council for verification. Strict action will be taken against individuals found to possess forged certificates.

Accessing the List of Successful Applicants and Work Assignments:

The list of applicants who have been offered employment and their respective work assignments in various districts can be accessed on the Office of the President – TAMISEMI website:


Congratulations to all the successful applicants for teaching and healthcare positions. The Office of the President, Regional Administration, and Local Government wishes you success in your new roles. Please ensure you adhere to the provided instructions and submit the required documents promptly. For further details, visit the TAMISEMI website.

Download Full instructions given 

Released this day: June, 2023.

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